Alyse Sands


Alyse Sands

Broker/Owner, GRI, ePRO, Ninja Certified, Lifetime Award of Excellence, Mentor

Aly has been around Real Estate all of her life. Her parents worked in Real Estate and Contracting. When she was in school, Aly helped her mother with her Real Estate business so, by the time she decided to work in Real Estate (after a Commercial design and marketing career), she had a good knowledge of the business.

Having been full-time in the Real Estate business since 1999, managing, training and mentoring, she opened AGORA Realty in 2021. She loves to work with buyers and sellers and cheer them on as they cross the finish line.

Aly produces and hosts a TV show called "American Dream TV; Selling Nashville". Click to check out some of her episodes here.

Aly is married to Frank George who is a talented Designing Contractor who builds amazing homes and creative home remodels. They work great as a team. Fun Fact: Aly and Frank have the same taste in style and decor. They can design project homes together for clients but they cannot decide what to do in their own home. Stay tuned as they eventually decide what they're going to do to their own home project.

You should know: If you are referred to Aly or choose her as your Buyer or Seller representative, you will always have contact, directly, with her. You will never be "passed off" to anyone (but we do have some talented agents too!).

The George Family