Aly Sands

Aly was a full time musician/artist in S Florida before she decided to pursue her dreams in Nashville in the 90s. For a while she sang song demos that were pitched to label artists and went on the road with a show band. She hated the bus tours and things weren't moving quickly enough after Larry Butler sponsored her showcase at the "Ace of Clubs". With a degree in marketing and commercial art, she was determined to achieve something else. In 1999, she chose Real Estate.

Aly's mother had been a Real Estate Broker and helped her with her marketing while she was in school. She had the best coach anyone could ever have right from the start.

After more than 23 years in the Real Estate business, managing, training and mentoring, she decided to open her own Real Estate Brokerage where she still loves to work with buyers and sellers and cheer them on as they win.

Aly produces and hosts a TV show called "American Dream TV; Selling Nashville". Check out some of her episodes here.

Aly is married to Frank George who is a talented Designing Contractor who builds beautiful homes and rocks home renovations. They are invaluable to each other.

You can see some of Frank's projects on his website.

Fun Fact: Aly and Frank like the same style and taste in decor. They can design a home together for someone else but they cannot decide on what to do in their own home. Stay tuned for more about that. Follow us as we finally decide what we're going to do.

The George Family

If you are referred to Aly or if you find her on your own and choose her as your Buyer or Seller representative, you will always work, directly, with her. She will never pawn you off to a new team member.

Feel free to contact her with any questions you have, no matter how hard you think they are. She loves a challenge!