You may contact a Brokerage because you saw their ad for a "Guaranteed Offer".  Your interest is piqued so you call the Brokerage. Most likely they'll give you this option but, most people will list the home with them, instead...But they got you to call them!


Things to think about:


A guaranteed offer does not guarantee you a sales price of the Market Value. Your property is an investment for the buyer which may be an agent from the Brokerage or one of their investor clients so you're most likely going to be accepting an offer for less than your home's value. In a market in which homes are selling, the average seller should not have the need a guaranteed offer. In a market in which homes are selling and you're expecing your well-earned equity, why would you accept any less?


Who needs a guaranteed offer?

People with homes with deferred maintenance. The home is in distressed condition and making repairs may be too expensive or overwhelming for a seller to prepare to compete for market value.


Sellers who need money quickly for an emergency.

Heirs of a home who don't want to be bothered with getting the home updated.

Sellers who are going through a difficult time in their lives (ie;illness) and need to get out from under the monthly costs or upkeep.

The buyer/agency will either keep the property as a rental or they will put a little work into it and sell it at a profit.  If you have the time and money, it would be in your financial best interest to do it yourself.